COMPRO II team welcomes Vasey Mwaja, from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Everyone is happy to welcome Dr. Vasey Mwaja, the new programme officer in charge of COMPROII project activities at the foundation.

Dr. Vasey Mwaja, takes over the reins from Dr. Prem Warrior who had overseen the projects work at the foundation for the last few years.
Speaking at a project team at IITA offices in Nairobi on 22 and 23 September, Vasey Mwaja, noted the remarkable progress that the project had made in all the five objectives despite the challenges of implementation.


“We need to make progress in supporting countries to strengthen their regulatory environments for commercial products as a critical mission of this project”. He emphasised.


Vasey Mwaja talks to the COMPRO II team

Dr. Mwaja noted that a lot of progress can be made across the other objectives if particular attention was paid to ensuring country-level improvements in regulatory infrastructure for commercial products.

“Our work in product screening, testing, capacity building  and dissemination will be made a lot easier if we progressively move the countries along the regulatory path” He concluded. He reaffirmed the Foundation’s commitment to improving livelihoods of farmers.

Dr. Masso Cargele, COMPRO II project leader, was enthusiastic about the arrival of the new programme officer. “I believe that Vasey Mwaja is bringing new energy to the work of the COMPROII project. The progress we are reporting today can only experience an upward improvement. He cited Dr. Mwaja’s vast experience that strategically covered both, regulation of commercial products as well as private sector skills. “We have with us someone who has a particularly well-rounded view of this sector and we look forward to benefiting from his guidance”. He noted.

The project meeting was attended by country representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Lead agencies for objectives 2-5 were also represented including, CIAT, AATF, IITA, and CABI.

Each of the participating teams gave a progress report highlighting key milestone activities and challenges in implementation.


COMPRO II Country Representative and objective leaders pose for group picture with Vasy Mwaja