Farmer and Extension Support Manuals take shape in Ethiopia writeshop

As set of manuals and other extension support materials on the use, benefits and quality checks for Rhizobium inoculants soon be available to support awareness and information dissemination to smallholder farmers in six target countries.
The manuals were developed at a write-shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 20-25 March 2014.


The write-shop which was facilitated by Africa Soil Health Consortium, a project of CABI involved more than thirty scientists, researchers, Ministry personnel, extension teams and COMPRO II dissemination lead partners from Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania.


Speaking at the inauguration of the writeshop, Dr. Adugna Wakjira, Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, reiterated the Institute's commitment to partnerships that support increased sharing of knowledge in soil fertility and productivity in Ethiopia. He noted that the COMPRO II initiative was one of the strategic approaches to improve small holder productivity by providing high quality information on commercial products.


The COMPRO II project leader commended the innovative partnership with the Africa Soil Health Consortium.
"I believe we are now properly utilizing our different strengths in this partnership. CABI, through the Africa Soil Health Consortium has shared knowledge and expertise packaging technical information into farmer-friendly extension support materials". He explained.

Dr. Adugna Wajira, Deputy Director of the Ethiopia Institute of Agricultural Research formerly inaugurates the week-long write shop to develop farmer and extension support manuals and communications materials on 20 March 2014.